Learning and growing is part of the developmental process of becoming a therapist. I have been told that I offer warmth, compassion, and curiosity to the learning and growing process which makes consultation enjoyable.

I consult with clinicians who want support with:

Individual clients with complex trauma and attachment trauma
Couples and Families of Color and multicultural relationships
Substance use
Immigrant Families
Bicultural assimilation and identity integration
Using Emotionally Focused Therapy from a Multisystemic lens
Suicidal Adolescents and Families
Families in conflict (especially with adolescents)
Poly relationships
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Families where someone is transitioning or coming out.
Liberation work for therapists (uncovering and healing the internalized oppressor/oppressed within us)

I also work with clinicians who want ongoing support to grow. I work from a relational psychoanalytic and attachment stance. Consultation with me is experiential, considers present moment processes with clients as well as parallel processes in consultation around transference/countertransference interactions in the room that might elucidate the clients’ experience and/or how we, as therapists, can get caught in enactments that keep the therapy stuck.

If you would like to meet for consultation, please contact me for further details and availability.